RECARO Young Profi Plus SEAT


RECARO Young Profi plus - the infant carrier for maximum safety.

Our infant carrier RECARO Young Profi plus grows with your baby, while also being extremely light and strong. The extra high sides, which provide optimum protection in side impacts, ensure the maximum safety of your baby in the car. The comfortable padding, high quality ergonomic foam, ergonomic carrying handle, practical rocking function, reflective exterior edge and removable, doublelayered sunshade (UV protection) make the RECARO Young Profi plus infant carrier the best possible way to travel in early life. The baby seat can be secured in the car with the RECARO Isofix Base or with the car’s own three-point seatbelt.


  • Infant carrier that grows with the child:
    Back rest can be adjusted 5 times.
  • Impact safety:
    Double sided impact protection and additional seat reducer firmly attached to the shell for maximum protection of the head in a side impact.
  • Safety plus:
    The adjustable back enables the harness systemto grow with the child.
  • Test Winner:
    In the area of accident safety (1.3).
  • Comfort and safety:
    Lightweight, highly stable shell.  
  • Compatible with the RECARO stroller Akuna and
  • High-quality coverings:
    All covers are removable and suitable for machine wash at 30 °C. 


Q: How long is the Young Profi plus baby shell suitable for my baby?

A: Generally, we recommend using the 0/0+ infant carrier for as long as possible, as the baby is in the safest position rearward facing.
Only when the child reaches 13kg  or the crown of  the child’s head reaches above the top of the backrest is it time to change to the next size car seat.


Q: Can the Young Profi plus baby shell be placed on the passenger’s seat if an airbag is present?

A: Rearward facing child safety seats MUST NOT be used on a passenger seat equipped with an activated side airbag.  It is essential that all warnings on the child seat, in the child seat user manual, the vehicle manual and warning signs within the car are complied with.


Q: Can the Young Profi Plus child car seat still be used after an accident, if a child was sitting in it?

A: Damage, which may not be visible to the untrained eye, may occur to the seat at an impact speed of just 10 km/h. We recommend that you err on the side of safety and replace the child car seat.


Q: Can the Young Profi Plus child car seat still be used after an accident, if a child was not sitting in it?

A: Many different factors play an important role, such as the impact speed, the type of crash, etc. In this case, the seat should be replaced.


Q: Can the Young Profi Plus child seat be used on board aircraft?

A: No, this child seat is not permitted to be used on board aircraft.


Q: The belt is too tight for my child. Do I have to change to the follow-on seat now?

A: When children wear thick jackets in the car in winter, the belts may be too short to secure your child comfortably. Usually, the children have reached the upper end of the weight category for which the child seat in question is designed. In principle, however, it would be better to dispense with excess clothing, rather than change to the follow-on seat too early. You should therefore dress your child appropriately to fit within the belts and regulate the temperature in the car. Only change to the follow-on seat when your child has reached maximum weight for the seat.


Q: For which strollers or buggies can I adapt the Young Profi plus baby shell?

A: You can use the infant carrier with the following strollers/buggies: RECARO Akuna, Babyzen by RECARO, TFK – Trends for Kids “Buggster“ /”Joggster“, Teutonia “Fun“ / “Spirit“, Bugaboo “Cameleon“, I-Candy "Apple"/ "Apple Jogger", Baby Jogger "City Micro" / "City Mini" / "City Classic" / "City Elite" / "Summit 360"


Q: Can the covering of the Young Profi plus baby shell be replaced?

A: Despite our high-quality fabrics, the covers will wear with time: sunlight and dirt will take their toll on the fabric. RECARO original replacement covers are available from your retailer in a limited number of designs. Please note that the cover is part of the design certification of the child seat – therefore, only an original RECARO cover should be used.


Q: Is the cover washable?

A: All our covers can be hand or machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Read the washing and care instructions on the cover. Use a slower spin speed and do not tumble dry.


 Q: My vehicle only has a lap belt/2-point belt on the centre seat of the rear bench. Can I still use the Young Profi Plus child seat?

A: No, you can anchor this child seat to the Isofix point of your vehicle with the aid of the Isofix base or secure it with the vehicle’s 3-point belt.


Q: How can I adjust the length of the back of the Young Profi plus baby shell?

A:  First loosen the harness then pull the mechanism with the yellow marking on the rear of the seat towards you then lift the backrest to the desired position.


Q: Can I also use the Young Profi plus baby shell in a vehicle without Isofix?

A: Yes, this baby shell can also be secured very simply using the vehicle’s 3-point belt.


Q: Will the Young Profi plus baby shell, together with the Isofix base, fit any type of car? 

A: Our Isofix system is semi-universally certified. The system can be used in any Isofix vehicle in which the base can be latched in place, where the seat can be fitted according to the instructions, and where the vehicle manufacturer allows the use of semi-universal Isofix systems.


Q: Can I have the Isofix attachment points retrofitted to my vehicle?

A: This depends on the manufacturer and model year, so please enquire at the manufacturer/car dealer.



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