RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix SEAT


RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix - safe driving pleasure and sporty design.
With its integrated Seatfix arms, the RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix can be anchored securely and easily to the isofix mounting points in your car. The child, secured by the car’s own three-point belt, will therefore be safer in a side impact as the belt does not need to absorb the weight of the seat as well. The RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix can also be used in cars without the Isofix mounting points, by simply sliding the Seatfix connectors into the seat. Its fixed armrest (extra protection in the hip area in a side impact), the ventilated moulded foam, the special side impact protection system ASP (Advanced Side Protection), the headrest’s 11 different adjustable positions for head size and the unique, passive RECARO Air Circulation System ACS (for optimum air circulation) make the RECARO Monza Nova Seatfix your child’s best friend. 

The Monza Nova Seatfix is the updated version of the Monza Seatfix, it features extra padding, backing foam in the hip and head areas and special crash anf ventilation fins in the side bolsters to absorb energy in case of a side impact: thus also reducing an impacts effect on your child. Its fixed arm rests provide additional side impact protection for your childs hips.



The integrated seatfix arms can be fixed to the Isofix mountings of the vehicle ensuring your child is safer in the event of a side collision.


Safety plus:
The headrest can be continuously adjusted in depth enabling a safe sleeping position for your child, as the head of the sleeping child does not fall forward and leave the protective headrest area.


RECARO Sound System:
integrated loudspeakers (nominal impedance 8 Ohm, nominal load capacity 0.25 W, peak load capacity 0.50 W.) in the headrest can provide entertainment or education and there is a practical MP3 player pocket in the seat. 


High-quality coverings:
all covers are removable and suitable for machine wash on cold.  



 Q: Is the cover washable?


 A: All our covers can be hand or machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Read the washing and care instructions on the cover. Use a slower spin speed and do not tumble dry.




 Q: Can I also use the Monza Nova Seatfix child seat in a vehicle without Isofix connectors?


 A: Yes, because the Isofix connectors can sink completely in the child seat, you can also use this child seat without Seatfix




 Q: My vehicle only has a lap belt/2-point belt on the centre seat of the rear bench. Can I still use the Monza Nova Seatfix child seat?




 A: No, you can secure your child in this child seat using the vehicle’s 3-point belt and additionally anchor the integrated Seatfix locking arms of the child seat into the Isofix attachment points of your vehicle.




 Q: Can the Monza Nova Seatfix child seat be used in any type of car?




 A: Our Isofix system is semi-universally certified, i.e. the system can be used in any Isofix vehicle in which the Isofix connectors can be latched in and the seat can be secured according to the instructions and the vehicle manufacturer allows the use of semi-universal Isofix systems in this vehicle. Please see our Isofix type list for vehicles tested by us.





 Q: Can I have the Isofix attachment points retrofitted to my vehicle?


 A: This depends on the manufacturer and model year of your vehicle, so please enquire at the manufacturer/car dealer




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